Demonstrating Reconciliation in Christ

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"And there will be one flock, one shepherd"

John 10:16
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10Days First Coast

One New Family Ministries will be the City Coordinators for this international prayer movement, an annual gathering of dozens of churches and congregations throughout the First Coast (St. Johns / Jacksonville, FL) region. We will gather together for 10 days of prayer and fasting for repentance, reconciliation, and revival for our homes, our communities, our country, and for the nation of Israel.

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One New Family Israel Tour

One New Family stands with Israel as they are in a time of war. Our heart is to offer annual trips to Israel led by Rabbi Benjamin Juster and Dr. Bob Neal and will feature touring the “ancient stones” of the very places Jesus walked and taught His disciples. But, unlike many other tours, One New Family ministries partners with several Messianic congregations and ministries located in Israel, and throughout this tour, we will be ministering with them - the “living stones” - as well! These plans will be resumed once the conflict ends. Please stay tuned for updates. If you would like to get a glimpse of our trip plans, click the button, below.


One new family Podcast

The One New Family Podcast features a monthly conversation around the topic of reconciliation. Season 1 explores the dimension of experiencing reconciliation in Christ/Messiah PERSONALLY. Throughout Season 1, we will feature discussions and teachings presented by Dr. Neal and others.

ONF Families

Reconciliation in Christ


Growing in spiritual leadership in our homes

The 4Core Discipleship Series

The 4 Core Discipleship Series explores the 4CORE qualities of what it means to live out our faith as a fully reconciled believer.

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4Core Grow

4Core: Grow

4Core: Grow

This workbook describes the 4 Core commitments of growing as a disciple of Jesus.


4Core: Gather

4Core: Gather

This workbook explores ways to sanctify the 4 Core interpersonal spaces in which we gather.


4Core: Love

4Core: Love

This workbook defines the 4 Core chambers of giving and receiving love from God and giving and receiving love from others.


4Core: Image

4Core: Image

This workbook highlights ways to cement your identity and fulfill your destiny as being conformed to the image of Christ.

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Reconciliation in Christ


Demonstrating unity in as One New Family in community.


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