Table Talk Family Discussions

In ancient times, the home was expected to be the primary place for spiritual instruction and biblical teaching. Deuteronomy 6:7 says, ”You shall talk about them (the commandments of God) while you are sitting in your house…”. Each Table Talk Family Discussion Guide features biblically-based conversation starters which include ways for couples, families, and a relational household to be reconciled together in their homes while discussing the Word of God together.

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Bible Reading Plans

We provide several Bible Reading Plans which are designed to help you stay engaged in God’s Word each day.

Sabbath Guides for Families

We believe that one of the best gifts God gave to humanity is Sabbath rest. We have created a simple Shabbat/Communion Guide for Families that helps walk you through a time of REMEMBRANCE of Jesus/Yeshua’s sacrifice for us and also a Sabbath Rest Guide designed to help you and those in your relational household experience a day of true REST each week.

“So there remains a Shabbat rest for the people of God.”
Hebrews 4:9, TLV

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The 4Core Discipleship Series

The 4CORE Discipleship series is designed to help individuals, families and congregations experience restoration and reconciliation in Christ. These workbooks and workshops are biblically-based, yet highly practical. Check out each resource to find out more and sign up to receive updates on new releases.

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4Core Grow

4Core: Grow

4Core: Grow

This workbook describes the 4 Core commitments of growing as a disciple of Jesus.


4Core: Gather

4Core: Gather

This workbook explores ways to sanctify the 4 Core interpersonal spaces in which we gather.


4Core: Love

4Core: Love

This workbook defines the 4 Core chambers of giving and receiving love from God and giving and receiving love from others.


4Core: Image

4Core: Image

This workbook highlights ways to cement your identity and fulfill your destiny as being conformed to the image of Christ.

One new family Podcast

The One New Family Podcast features a monthly conversation around the topic of reconciliation. Season 1 explores the dimension of experiencing reconciliation in Christ/Messiah PERSONALLY. Throughout Season 1, we will feature discussions and teachings presented by Dr. Neal and others.