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We currently face one of the most divisive times in history. Our homes, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods are increasingly becoming more divided, segregated and fragmented each day.

But we believe that there is hope for reconciliation in Christ.

One New Family Ministries is a faith-based, 501c3 non-profit organization which exists to promote unity and reconciliation efforts in Messiah by producing high quality, culturally-relevant content, programs, and events for individuals, families, congregations and other community-based ministries. We believe that the Lord is coming back for His people one day: a united family made up of both Messianic Jews and Gentile Christian believers under the banner of One Shepherd (John 10:16).

Our goal is to provide content, conversations and demonstrations of One New Family reconciliations in Jesus/Yeshua. We would love to hear your story and for you to join with us along this journey!

Bob & Paige Neal

Bob and Paige Neal are the founders and directors of One New Family Ministries. They have been married for over 32 years, have two wonderful adult children, and have served in ministry for 30 years. Bob is a pastor, author, consultant, and professor who holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree in the field of Education. Dr. Neal is the author of the 4CORE Discipleship Series curriculum as well as other books currently in the publishing process.

Bob Paige Neal